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Paintings under 16x20 inches

Small paintings are the perfect little pop of fun in your home. They're also a great way to start collecting art, or to build a collection of work with a limited budget or space. 

Due to my layering process, I tend to work in color "families".
They all share a common theme and technique, using layers of resist and paint. The skies in all of these use iridescent paint to add a slight translucent shimmer that is stunning in person but doesn't photograph well.

I love making minis, and tend to take more risks and push boundaries with them, because there isn't a lot to lose if they don't turn out! This makes them some of my best pieces.
These can be scaled up for custom paintings.


Green, the color of life and growth. These are wrapped in aluminum

Red. Warm and a great POP of color. 

Black and White (Really Gray tones)- these are all about contrast. They stand out in a room due to their lack of color!

Prussian Blue. I see this smokey blue as a neutral akin to black or gray. I'm taking a break from these except for custom orders. Someday I'll revisit them. 

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