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6x12, wrapped in aluminum.

To see this painting framed visit my website in the purchase link.

I saw this big oak tree half hidden in a thicket while participating in the Chester County Studio Tour. Amy Iverson- she's an amazing artist in this year's minis, went back after the leaves fell and got some photos for me (I'm about 5 hours away)

Anyway, this thing is a beast, just up the road from Jim Croce's house. 

Thanks Amy!

This is also the new color scheme I'm working on- I'm calling it denim. In years past I've done a bunch of Prussian blue paintings and some black and whites. I was sick of the straight blue, and the black and whites weren't very exciting to me. So i took the Prussian blue and mixed it with burnt umber- a rich chocolatey brown. It toned down the blue and made something almost black and white. Anyway I dig it and hope you do too! 

Big Oak on Green Pond Lane

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