Whig Creek Willows

6x12 inches

Prussian Blue and Silver Gouache on paper over canvas, wrapped in aluminum


This is over the hill from my old studio in Ellicottville NY. Whig Street (road from the unpaved side) is one of my favorite places. A lost little valley ending in a steep hollow.

The creeks in Western New York often have black willows growing over them, like these two, growing in a little hollow over Whig Creek. 


Just a reminder about my process, each one of these little lines is created in the negative, that is the underlying paint is covered with latex in the shape of a branch or tree, protecting that layer when the next darker color is applied. It can be insanely difficult to keep straight, and all those little lines came from years of practice. Also the sky is a touch metallic, giving a beautful sheen as you move past the piece. 

Thanks for checking out this piece! It's one of my favorites (especially the wooded section to the left- there's four or five layers there alone!)