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Ordering Custom Artwork

Have you seen a piece of mine but needed it in a different size or slightly different color scheme to work in your space? I can make a custom piece for you! (that sounds slightly used car dealeresque, but seriously, I don't have a ton of different sizes at art shows, so if you need something custom I'd love to work on it!). I've done custom pieces for all over the United States and Canada, including huge pieces for the Holiday Valley Ski Resort (pictured above) and the Richardson Hotel in Buffalo, NY. 

Here's how my custom orders work:
We figure out size, colors, image etc. Then I do a digital mock up of your wall with the proposed painting. Price is determined by the size.

Once we decide on the design specifics, I send along a contract and you give me a non refundable 50% deposit.
When the piece is finished I send you photos, then make any changes you want (if they are possible, these are watercolors- if you want too much of a change I will have to redo the piece. I will do one do-over with very specific changes, but that will obviously delay the project.
When you are happy with the piece, you pay the remaining 50%. I varnish and wrap it in metal, then either mail it or deliver it.
You pay for shipping, and if it's a big piece that would be cheaper for me to deliver, you pay for gas. Pick up is free- I'm in Western NY, right on the PA border, due south of Buffalo. (I can also drop off pieces when I visit shows near you for free).

Let's fill your space with some art!


Here's an example of a digital mock up that I would send to you. I just need a photo of your wall and some measurements. (also I would love to do the concept in this photo in real life, so if you like it let's talk!)

Let's Make That Perfect Piece for You!

Get in touch and we can discuss ideas

Thanks for submitting!

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