"Yard Maples"

6x12 inches

Metallic Silver watercolor and prussian blue gouache


I'm sort of obsessed with yard maples. They were often planted to shade farms and act as wind breaks. They also could be tapped for maple syrup in the spring. When given space to grow, they turn into big, gnarled giants. Maples aren't tidy, they throw new branches directly from their trunks well into old age, giving them a complexity of line that I love. 

This former farm is in Allegany County (in New York we spell Allegheny as Allegany), about fifteen miles or so from where I live. This entire region is pretty sparsely populated, both Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties are each larger than Rhode Island, but our populations are only 80,000 and 40,000!  

Anyway, enjoy the mini, there's 24 more where this came from, and an extra collection that comes out on the 11th.