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Bells Camp


Sealed watercolor and gouache wrapped in aluminum.

By the way all my skies have an iridescent shimmer to them that doesn.t come out in the photos. I'm posting little videos of them on my instagram account @seanhuntingtonart

Bell's Camp is a road not far from the house I grew up in. It's this windy little road at the base of the tallest hill in Cattaraugus County, right on the NY/PA border. It's sort of a magical spot, with some old growth hemlock forest, wetlands, and weird weather because of the steep hill that shades it most of the day. Cool place.

Also I got yelled at by a guy whose kid I went to school with (and was also a total jackass) when I used the turn around by his yard right after taking the reference photos for this painting! :) So major adrenaline rush and weirdly added to the fun of this piece.

This is in my denim series, where I mix my old standby prussian blue with burnt umber. I love the effect.

Bell's Camp

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